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What Fiery Controllers Do and How They Benefit You

Getting more out of MFPs is as simple as doing a fiery driver installation. The majority of leading colier photocopiers are compatible with fiery controllers. Now, if you’re thinking that’s all well and good but what does a fiery controller do? That’s what you’re about to discover. The infinite possibilities this software can add to your business and then some…

How Fiery Controllers Work

  • The Digital Front End

The digital front end, often abbreviated as DFE is the heart of the print process. You have the printer and everything done with it is through the print controller. It’s where the processing happens after the job details are input by users. Before any job can be printed, the printer has a variety of processes it needs to do first. The most intensive is the RIP, which isn’t what you’d normally associate that abbreviation for. It stands for Raster Image Processing. The faster the print controller can RIP images, the faster the document output is.  

Fiery controllers use multi-core processors to reduce RIP times.

Another function that can be handy is the use of server-automated workflows by using document presets. This lets users create a document outline once, save it as a template, and revert to it anytime the same job needs printing. Set a job up once, save as a template and use it whenever the same job comes up again, which could be handy for printing your own business cards, brochures, or even proposals for prospective clients. If you’re outsourcing these types of print jobs, they can easily be brought in-house to reduce your capital expenditure.

Documents can be scanned through the colour photocopier / MFP, accessed on computers, edited within the fiery interface, providing real-time previews of all edits and virtually eliminating botched print jobs due to margin size errors or trim settings.

Essentially, much of the repetitive work done when creating presentations, brochures, cards, invites, and other custom print jobs can all be set to specific templates and accessed repeatedly, which will help improve productivity. 

  • Managing  Colours

This is one for all the graphic designers reading this who are sick to the back teeth of the nightmare edits and repeated printing when the grayscale just won’t work, or the colour comes out not as expected.

InDesign is great for creating colour rich graphics and vibrant images used for rich media documents, but it’s quite the other to print them as you see them on the screen.

One of the areas fiery works great at is with colour management. Instead of relying on either the CYMK or RGB colour profiles within the colour photocopier, the entire PANTONE colour library can be used. Fiery ColorWise® will automatically detect the closest match from the PANTONE colour profiles, and if it still doesn’t look exactly as required, the Fiery Spot-OnTM can be used to customise the colour profiles.

  • Fiery integration manager

The buzz phrase of fiery is workflow automation. In fact, many MFPs have software integrated to help you understand your workflow. With that information, you can create systems. When you can create systems, the result is increased efficiency.

Fiery controllers can be installed with an integration manager, helping manage document workflow at enterprise level. The upside with the integration manager is there’s no fiddling with codes and scripts to get the job definition formats (JDF) and Job messaging formats (JMF) configured to communicate between devices. That alone can be a painstaking task for IT.

In Conclusion

A fiery controller is a powerful add-on to many leading colour photocopiers. These machines are powerful right out the box, however, they are designed to combine copy, fax, and scan, with additional features available such as backup to cloud, scan to PDF, scan to mailbox, and pretty much enable you to mitigate as much of the print costs as possible with efficient software.

By adding a fiery controller to colour photocopiers / MFPs it increases functionality, improves productivity, and gives users more control over the final document output.

At we have a range of colour photocopiers / MFPs suited to a variety of busy offices, with additional services and solutions, including fiery controllers for your devices to give you more control and flexibility over your print environment. For more information - Call us on 0208 901 4707. Request a callback from our support team here, or visit our showroom.

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Unsure which product suits your needs?
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